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I was first introduced to yoga in 2005.  After experiencing a personal trauma,  I wanted to dive deeper into  mediation and the breath, so I began a private study of Kundalini yoga as part of my healing process. Yoga remained a part of my daily routine over the years, but it wasn't until my stage IV breast cancer diagnosis that I became really engaged with what it meant to be a yogi and to live a yogic lifestyle.


I continue to use yoga as a way to ease my mind and to keep my body moving, despite many physical challenges. I was so passionate about the positive benefits of yoga, that in 2017, I completed the YTT 200 (200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training) so that I could share my love for yoga with others, from cancer patients, to kids, to everyday women and men looking to enhance their physical and mental self.

Whether you desire a challenging workout or a more spiritual yoga experience, I would love to help you with your practice. I offer private lessons and you can sometimes find me teaching at A Hopeful Balance in New Bern, NC or at the

Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey in Bloom Field, NJ.  You can also watch for free pop-up yoga classes in and around my hometown of Greensboro, NC in warmer weather.

To learn more or to schedule a private session, please connect with me HERE.

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