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Advocacy and Activism






  1. a person who publicly supports a particular cause or policy.


  1. publicly recommend or support.



  1. a person who campaigns to bring political or social change.

    "police arrested three activists"


I am a woman of many hats, and two of the most impactful rolls I serve are as an advocate and an activist. While I work on many different projects surrounding MBC, I've highlighted three of the areas of which I am most proud. 


Equality. We should ALL have the same access to health care and resources, no matter our skin color, level of education, or socio-economics background. By acknowledging and discussing these difficult topics we bring them into the light. We must begin to stand and work together, building bridges, and presenting a united front in erasing racial disparities. 

Action. Through legislative action and civil disobedience, we are able to garner attention for, and help create new policy to benefit, the metastatic cancer communities and early stage cancer communities alike. The joining of forces between METUP, the creators of the Die-In movement, and METAvivor's Stage IV Stampede, a program I conceptualized in 2016, we work in unison to make impactful displays of strength, courage and determination while fighting for more NCI funding, patient health care protections, better policy for counting the metastasis patients, and securing social security benefits on a timely manner.

Fundraising. By creating exciting, out-of-the-box programs and events, I have helped project MBC into the public spotlight and have raised a significant amount of money for METAvivor's research grant program, all the while giving patients memorable and empowering experiences. 

To learn more or to get involved, please contact me HERE or click on the individual buttons below. 

Helping to fight against racial disparities in health care among breast cancer patients. Meet my advocacy partner,

For The Breast of Us, and learn how you can get involved. 


Taking our voices to Washington, DC to effect change. You will receive training and talking pints to take to meetings with your congressional leaders.

New York Fashion Week

A fashion event created to empower patients and invoke action to fund research. Established by Ana Ono and #Cancerland, benefiting METAvivor.

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